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A first course in stochastic processes / Karlin S

 Alan Turing his work an impact / Sara Turing

Analysis, manifolds and physics v. 2 / Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat

An introduction to differentiable manifolds and Riemannian geometry / W.

Analysis and probability / Aurel Spataru

Applied dimensional analysis and modeling 2a. ed. / Thomas Szirtes

Applying contemporary statistical techniques / Rand R. Wilcox

Approximation and optimization of discrete and differential inclusion /
Elimhan N. Mahmudov

Art and complexity / edited by John Casti and Anders Karlqvist

Aspects of multivariable statistical analysis in geology / Richard A. Reyment

Asymptotic methods in probability and statistics / edited by Barbara

Bioestadística para no estadísticos: bases para interpretar artículos
científicos / Erik Cobo

Calculus introductory and applications in physical and life sciences / R. M.

Categorical variables in development research / edited by Alexander von Eye

Comparison theorems in riemannian geometry / Chegeer

Computability theory an introduction recursion theory / Herbert B. Endertor

Data mining applications with r / Yanchang Zhao

Delta functions 2a. ed. / R. F. Hosking

Descriptive set theory / Moshovakis

Differential equations, dynamical systems, and linear algebra /  M. Hirsch

Differential forms 2a. ed. / Steven H. Weintraub

Differential topology / M. Roig

Distributed computing through combinatorial topology / Maurice Herlihy

Elements of statistical mechanics 3a. ed. / D. Tei Haav

Encyclopedia of general topology / edited by Klaas Pieter Hart

Epidemiology and medical statistics / edited by C. R. Rao

Essential matlab for engineers and scientistics 5a. ed. / Brian Hahn

Essential of math for engineers and scientists /Han J. Weber

Experimental design technique in statistical practice / W. P. Gardiner

Explorations in topology: map coloring, surface and knots / David A. Gay

Finite element analysis with error estimators / J. E. Akin

Fixed income mathematics / Robert Zipf

Fourier analysis and boundary value problems / edited by Enrique A. González

Fundamental engineering mathematics / N. Challis

Fundamental of university mathematics / C. M. McGregor

Fuzzi logic in geology / edited by Robert V. Demicco

Fourier transforms/ R. C. Jennison

Game theory: mathematical models of conflict / A. J. Jones

Geometry and its applications 2a. ed. / Walter Meyer

Geometry measure theory 3a. ed. / Frank Morgan

Geometry with trigonometry / P. D. Barry

Group theory in physics v. 1  techniques of physics / J. F. Comwell

Handbook of applied multivariate statistics and mathematical modeling  /
edited by E. A. Howard

Handbook of computational geometry / edited by J. R. Sack

Handbook of dynamical systems v. 3 / edited by H. W. Broer

Handbook of the history of logic v. 11 / edited by Dov M. Gabbay

Handbook of logic and language / Alan Jeffrey

Handbook of mathematical formulas and integrals 3a. ed. / Alan Jeffrey

Handbook of process algebra / edited by J. A. Bergstra

Harmonic vector fields: variational principles and differential geometry /
Sorin Dragomir

Introduction to continuum mechanics 4a.ed. / W. Michael Lai

Introduction to probability 2a. ed. / George G. Roussas

Introduction to probability models 11a. ed. / Sheldon M. Ross

Introduction to quantum mechanics in chemistry, materials science and
biology / Sy  M. Blinder

Kinetic Botzmann, Vlasov and related equation / Alexander Sinitsyn

Linear algebra: algorithms, applications, and techniques / Richard Bronson

Linear models a mean model approach: a volume in probability and
mathematical statistics / Kurt Moser

Manifold theory: an introduction to mathematical physics / D. Martin

Markov processes for stochastic modeling 2a. ed. / Oliver Ibe

Mathematica navigator: mathematics, statistics and graphics / Heikki

Mathematical achievements of pre-modern Indian mathematicians / T.K.

Mathematical analysis fundamentals / Agamirza Bashirov

Mathematical and physical fundamentals of climate change / Zhihua Zhang

Mathematical concepts and methods in modern biology / Raina Robeva

Mathematical methods for mathematicians, physical scientists and enigeers /
J.  Dunning-Davies

Mathematical methods for physicists 7a. ed. / George B. Arfken

Mathematical modeling 4a. ed. / Mark M. Meerschaert

Mathematical tools for applied multivariate analysis / J. Douglas  Carroll

Measurement science for engineers / PPL Regtien

Methods of modern mathematical physics / M. Reed

Modern general topology / J. Nagata

Multiparametric statistics / Vadim Serdobolskii

Multipoint methods / Miodrag Petkovic

Partial differential equations and boundary value problems with maple 2a.
ed. / Gerge A. Articolo

Philosophy of complex systems / edited by Dov M. Gabbay

Philosophy of mathematics / edited by Andrew D. Irvine

Philosophy of statistics / edited by Dov M. Gabbay

Probability and random processes 2a. ed. / Scott Miller

Projects for calculus 2a. ed. / Keith B. Stroyan

R and data mining: examples and case studies / Yanchang Zhao

Recent advances and trends in nonparametric statistics / Michael G. Akritas

Sets and extensions in the twentieth century

Statistical mechanics 3a.ed. / R. K. Pathria

Statistics in medicine 3a.ed. / R. H. Riffenburgh

Statistics for physical science an introduction / Brian Martin

Strategy and statistics in clinical trials /Joseph Tal

Tables on integrals, series and products 6ª. Ed. / Alan Jeffrey

Theories of generalized functions / R. F. Hoskins

Theory and applications of numerical analysis 2a. ed. / G. M. Phillips

Traveling wave analysis of partial differential equations   / Graham

Topics in field theory / karpilovsky

Topological algebras / Balachandran

Topology and borel structure / J. Christensen

Zeta and q-zeta functions and associated series and integrals / H. M.