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CRCnetBASEEnvío una lista de libros Electrónicos que se compraron a través del Grupo de Bibliotecas de Ciencias de la UNAM y que fueron seleccionados por el Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas.

A  concise handbook of mathematical physics, and engineering / A. Polyanin

A concrete introduction to real analysis / R. Carlson

A functional model theory / Cyrus Nourani

Advanced number theory with applications / R. Mollin    

Advanced R / H. Wickham

An introduction to quasigroups and their representations / J. Smith

An introduction to random sets / Hung T. Nguyen

Applications of group theory to combinatorics / J. Koolen

Applied functional analysis /  J. Oden    

Bayesian methods in epidemiology / L. Broemeling

Bayesian methods in health economics / G. Baio

Classes of modules / John Dains

Classification of lipschitz mappings / K. Piasecki  

Clinical trial data analysis using r / din Chen

Combinatorics of permutations / M. Bona

Combinatorics of set partitions / T. Mansour       

Complex dynamics: families and friends / D. Schleicher   

Computing in geograph: information systems / Narayan Panigrahi

Convex analysis / S. Krantz       

Differential geometry and topology of curves / Yu Animov

Differential forms and the geometry of general relativity / T. Dray

Diophantine analysis / J. Steuding

Discrete geometry / A. Bezdek

Elementary bayesian biostatistics / l. Moye

Elliptic curves: number theory and cryptography 2a. Ed. / L. Washington

Elliptic theory of singular manifolds / V. Nazaikinskii

Emmy Noether: the mother of modern algebra / M. Tent

Environmental and ecological statistics with r / S. Qian     

Epilepsy: the intersection of neuroscience, biology, mathematics, engineering and physics / I. osorio

Essentials of topology with applications / S. G. Krantz

From zero to infinity / C. Reid 

Geomathematically oriented potential theory / W. Freeden

Green´S functions with applications 2a. Ed. / D.G. Duffy   

Handbook of enumerative combinatorics / Miklos Bona

Handbook of exact solutions for ordinary differential equations / V. Zaitsev

Handbook of integral equations 2a. Ed. / A. Polyanin

Handbook of fitting statistical distributions with r / Z. Karian

Handbook of linear algebra 2a. Ed. / Leslie Hogben

Handbook of mathematics and statistics for the environmental / F. Spellman

Handbook of product graphs 2a. Ed. / R. Hammack

Improper riemann integrals / Ioannis Roussos    

Integrable hamiltonian systems / A. V. Bolsinov and  A. T. Fomenko

Introduction to abstract algebra / J. Smith

Introduction to fuzzy systems / G. Trung

Introduction to mathematical proof / C. Roberts

Introduction to probability with mathematica 2a. Ed. / K. Hastings

Invariant descriptive set theory / Su Gao

Isosurfaces: geometry, topology and algorithms / R. Wenger

Lectures on N_X (P) / J. Serre 

Leonard Euler and the Bernoullis / M. Tent

Logical labyrinths / R. Smullyan

Mathematical techniques in Gis 2a. Ed. / P.  Dale

Mechanical logic in three dimensional spaces / G. Auletta

Metaharmonic lattice point theory / W. Freeden

Monomial algebras 2a. Ed. / Rafael Villareal

Partial differential equations with variable exponents / V. Radulescu

Pattern theory: the stochastic analysis of real world signals / A. Desolneux

Pocket book of integrals and mathematical formulas  a. Ed. / Ronald J. Tallarida

Polya urn models / H. Mahmoud

Proof theory: sequent calculi and related formalism / K. Bimbo

Quantitative graph theory the mathematics foundations and applications / M. Dehmer

Real analysis / J. Dshalalow      

Roads to infinity: the mathematics of truth and proof / J. Stillwell

Schrodinger´s killer app: race to build the world´s first quantum computer  / J. Dowling

Set theoretical aspects of real analysis / A. Kharazisvili     

Spatial data analysis in ecology and agriculture using r / R. Plant    

Spatial mathematics: theory and practice / S. Lach

Submanifolds and holonomy /  J. Berndt

The Divergence theorem and sets of finite perimeter / W. Pfeffer

The geometry of special  relativity / Tevion Dray

The separable galois theory  of commutative rings 2a. Ed. / A. Magid

Topics in galois theory 2a. Ed. / Jean Pierre Serre

Topics in graph theory / Douglas F. Rall

Topics on continua / Sergio Macias