Misael Avendaño, UNISON,
Matias del Hoyo, UFF
Rui Loja Fernandes, U. Illinois-Urbana
Yuri Vorobiev, UNISON


"Poisson Geometry lies on the intersection of Mathematical Physics and Geometry. It originates in the mathematical formulation of classical mechanics as the semiclassical limit of quantum mechanics. Poisson structures can be traced back to the 19th century classics by Poisson, Hamilton, Jacobi and Lie. Poisson Geometry as an independent field of research started around 1980 with the foundational works of Lichnerowicz and Weinstein. The field developed rapidly, stimulated by connections with a large number of areas in mathematics and applications, including symplectic geometry, Lie theory, quantization, foliation theory, noncommutative geometry, representation theory and quantum groups, geometric mechanics and integrable systems. Poisson geometry undergone a major revolution and development in the last 20 years; some of the highlights are Kontsevich's formality theorem, the study of Poisson-sigma models which lead to the solution of the ``integrability problem" for Lie algebroids by Crainic and Fernandes and the symplectic geometry of the moduli space of flat connections and its connection with various moment map theories by Alekseev, Bursztyn, Meinrenken, et al. It also gave rise to amazing new connections such as generalized complex geometry or integrable systems and cluster algebras.

The Third PRIMA Congress provides an excellent opportunity to bring together some of the leading experts and young researchers in the field of Poisson Geometry, especially from Latin and North America. We aim at a Special Session that will highlight the most exciting recent advances in the field and will discuss new perspectives of the development of Poisson geometry. We expect that this Special Session will enhance bridges and collaborations between mathematicians of the countries represented by PRIMA, including some research groups from Mexico working in the area of Poisson geometry."

Room 10

Instituto Tecnológico de Oaxaca
Ing. Sistemas Computacionales Building 1

15:00-15:40 On linear multiplicative Poisson structures del Hoyo Matias
15:40-16:20 On symplectic realizations of Poisson structures Cabrera Alejandro
16:20-17:00 Picard Groups of b-Symplectic Manifolds Villatoro Joel
Coffee break
17:30-16:10 Poisson structures on smooth 4-manifolds Suárez-Serrato Pablo
18:10-18:50 Poisson cohomology of minimally degenerate Poisson structures Lanius Melinda
15:00-15:40 Proper Lie groupoids are real analytic Martinez Torres David
15:40-16:20 A quantum refinement of equivariant cohomology Hekmati Pedram
16:20-17:00 Deformation of Poisson structures in the Hamiltonian perturbation theory of adiabatic type Misael Avendaño-Camacho
Coffee break
17:30-18:10 Semilocal properties of modular classes of Poisson manifolds Velasco-Barreras Eduardo
18:10-18:50 A local model around Poisson submanifolds Marcut Ionut